Building Fund

Building Our Home

Kehillas Chen HaNachal began in a small apartment and afterwards moved to a rented area in the Shaalei Torah Yeshiva.  Both the potential good and the everyday needs of the Kehilla have outgrown this solution and we are embarking on the construction of our on shul building, to be centrally located on Nachal Lachish street, overlooking Ayalon Park.

The plans are approved, final construction permits have been granted and we have already had the foundation beams poured and structural supports put in place using funds raised solely within our own Kehilla.  We have received the blessings and support of virtually all the leasing Rabanim in Breslov and in the RBS community. Now we are turning to the generosity of the wider public to raise the $ 300,000 needed to complete the building.

[plain] Donations are IRS Code 501c3 tax-deductible in the U.S. and donations of any amount entitle you to have tehillim said in your name at the Western Wall for 40 consecutive days. (Please specify the names to daven for and the specific bracha or yeshua needed when sending a donation.) [/plain]


Donations in the US may be sent to:

DEJ International Heritage Foundation

4930 Sabal Palm Blvd  Apt 303

Tamarac, FL   33319

Phone #  954 974 1620

Tax ID  51-0541244

Please specify that your donation is for the Shul in RBS.


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